How Membership Managers can add members to their Group Membership


If you are familiar with Group Memberships, you know that its Membership Managers can add Employee Accounts or Group Members depending on the Membership Category’s permission settings.

Membership Managers can add members to their group directly. Upon following the steps in this article, there will be no need for the new Employee Accounts or Group Members to sign up or fill out their profiles themselves: the Membership Manager can take care of all of that, and add group members as quickly as they please!

When configuring your Group Membership’s permissions, the ‘Allow Membership Manager holder to invite employee accounts to the member portal?’ toggle needs to be on "YES".


If that toggle is not on, then the Membership Manager will not be able to add any members to the group themselves.

This article will detail the steps a Membership Manager will follow when adding members to their Group Membership. As an Administrator, you can also follow these steps if you are using the Impersonate tool.


Access the Employee Account Page

1. From the Member Portal, click ‘My Account’ on the bar at the top of the screen.

Image indicating the 'My Account' button on the bar at the top of the Member Portal.


2. Click ‘Employee Accounts’ from the drop-down menu that appears.

Image showing the drop-down menu that appears when clicking 'My Account' on the Member Portal, and indicating the 'Employee Accounts' button.


3. The resulting page will list all Group Memberships for which the user is a Membership Manager.



Adding Employee Accounts

The Membership Manager can now click either the ‘Create Account’ button or the ‘Send Invite’ button to populate their Group Membership.

Send Invite

When the Membership Manager clicks ‘Send Invite’, they will be prompted to copy and paste a list of email addresses.



Upon filling out the window and clicking ‘Send Invite’, Employee Accounts and Group Members corresponding to the email addresses will be created and added to the Group Membership automatically, and send the contact application form you would fill out if you created the account.



Employee Accounts or Group Members created through the ‘Send Invite’ tool will not have any Contact Record information aside from the email itself.

Click the Pen & Paper Icon to edit the Employee Account and add Contact Record details.


Create Account

When the Membership Manager clicks the ‘Create Account’ button, they will be taken to a new page.




The Membership Manager can choose whether or not they want to include an email address for the new Employee Account or Group Member.

If they selected ‘Yes’ for the ‘Would you like to include an email address for this employee?’ question, there will be a text box below to enter an email.

Alternatively, there will be no text box. In either case, click the ‘Continue’ button to proceed.


Configure Employee Account

The Membership Manager holder can now configure the contact details of the new Employee Account or Group Member. This allows for the new members to be added immediately, and removes any steps or sign-up on their end!


Basic Contact Information

Fill out the contact information as necessary. The Membership Manager can specify the new Account’s name, job title, etc.


Fill out the ‘Contact Address’ fields if the Contact’s address is different from your Organization’s address.


Organization Linking

The ‘Organization Linking’ feature gives  Membership Manager the power to choose whether or not the Employee Account or Group Member will be linked to their Organization. An Employee Account or Group Member linked to the Organization will show up on its Related Contacts list.

Selecting ‘No’ on this option will allow the new member to be added without forcing them to be a part of the Organization in the system.




Contacts added with the ‘Send Invite’ tool will be linked to the Organization automatically. You cannot go back in and unlink them after creation either. If you want to add Employee Accounts or Group Members that are not linked to the Organization, do not use the ‘Send Invite’ tool when adding them.


Congratulations, you now know how to populate a Group Membership from the Membership Manager Member Portal side!

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