Pre-Launch Check List




  1. Kick-off call
  2. Setup Membership Categories
  3. Test member application process
  4. Add member application links to your website

Data Import

  1. Read the perfect import document
  2. Download & add data to the import template
  3. Send Import via a Support ticket
  4. Review a random sample of data to verify the import



  1. Confirm you can login to your payment gateway account (Bambora, Stripe, Authorize)
  2. Schedule gateway setup call with Vishnu at Member365
  3. Set default currency
  4. Localization
  5. Sales tax setup
  6. Chart of Accounts
  7. Invoice terms and conditions
  8. Test purchase & refund using credit card
  9. Turn on dunning reminders (late payment email notifications)
  10. Purchase/Refund Policy


Your Organization Profile

  1. Name, Address, Telephone
  2. Your logo
  3. Add default email addresses
  4. Whitelist DNS (Anti-Spam)
  5. Add Google Analytics
  6. Privacy Policy

Member Portal

  1. Add member portal graphic banner
  2. Update member welcome message
  3. Create email subscription lists
  4. Add member portal link to your website
  5. Update welcome message for non-member
  6. Set non-member portal permissions
  7. Review/update member code of conduct


Member Launch

  1. Write email sent to members announcing the launch
  2. Schedule launch call (Sending out the welcome email)






































































































































































































































































































































































































































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