How to Create a List of Attendees by Date of Attendance


This article will describe how to create a list of all contacts who are attending an event on a specific date.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This article presumes that you have created multiple distinct tickets for each corresponding specific day within your event.


Accessing Event Reports

1. From the Admin Dashboard, click 'Events' in the main menu.




2. This will brings you to the Events Management page.



3.  Click “Reports” on the side menu.


4. Find the event you wish to review, either by typing its name into the text bar or finding its name in the list and click its name.



Creating a List of Attendees

5. Click the “Attendance” tab.


6. Click “Export to Excel” to create an Excel spreadsheet that lists all of your attendees.


7. The spreadsheet will resemble the following image.


This spreadsheet can be sorted by the ticket type, and if the tickets have been organized by the date to which they correspond, sorting by that column will allow you to group together all the contacts who attended an event on a specific day.


Congratulations, you have created a list of all attendees to an event on a specific day!


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