How to Copy an Event


This article will describe how to copy an existing event.

This tool will help you save time if you have similar events weekly, monthly, or yearly.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Details will be copied over, but registrations from the event being copied will not be duplicated.



Accessing Event Management

1. From the Admin Dashboard, click 'Events' in the main menu.




2. This will brings you to the Events Management page.



Copying an Event

3. Find the event you wish to duplicate, either by locating it in the list or by entering its name into the box labeled “Find an event,” and click the second of the five icons under “Options” — the one that looks like two squares of paper. 


5. Enter the name of the new event into the text box in the “Duplicate Event” box that appears, then click “Confirm.”. You may add the text "template" on the name so that you may save this as a template that you can reuse for similar events in the future.


Editing the Duplicate Event

6. You will be presented with the event creation interface; all of the details will be filled according to the details of the previous event. Use the tabs to verify the details and alter any details that vary from the event's previous version.

7. When you have edited the new event to your satisfaction, scroll to the bottom and click “Publish


Congratulations, you have copied an event!

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