How to Transfer an Event Ticket


This article will describe how to change the name of the person registered for an event, allowing you to transfer a ticket between contacts. However, the invoice will not be transferred, though it will be updated with the name of the new attendee.


Accessing Event Reports

1. From the Admin Dashboard, click 'Events' in the main menu.




2. This will brings you to the Events Management page.



3.  Click “Reports” on the side menu.


4. Click the name of the event for which you will be transferring a ticket.


Transferring a Ticket

5. Click on the tab labeled “Registration”.


6. Find the name of the contact whose ticket you would like to transfer, either by entering their name in the search bar or by locating their name in the list that appears.


7. In the list entry corresponding to that contact’s name, click the button labeled “Transfer” at the far right.


8. A box labeled “Event Registration Transfer” will appear. Click the button labeled “Transfer to Existing Contact Record” if this contact is already registered, or “Transfer to A New Contact” to create a new contact.


9. If you chose to transfer the ticket to an existing contact, enter their name into the search bar and then click “Transfer”. If you are transferring the ticket to a new contact, select their salutation from the drop-down menu, enter their full name and any other contact details you would like to add, then click “Transfer”.


10. Verify that the name on the ticket has been changed by clicking on the invoice link in the member’s list entry. 


The invoice will not be transferred to the new contact and will remain accessible to the member who registered for it, but the invoice itself will be updated to reflect the name of the new attendee: in this case, our internal test profile “Knowledge Base” will be attending.


Congratulations, you have successfully transferred an event registration!


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