How to Cancel a Confirmed Attendee’s Event Registration

This article will describe how to cancel a confirmed attendee’s registration for an event. The first section will describe how to cancel registration by using the Administration Dashboard’s Events page, and the second section will describe how to cancel registration by using the “Impersonate” tool.

Canceling Through the Events Page

Accessing Event Reports

1. From the Admin Dashboard, click 'Events' in the main menu.




2. This will brings you to the Events Management page.



3.  Click “Reports” on the side menu.


4. Click the name of the event for which you will be canceling a registration.

5. Click on the tab labelled “Registration”.

6. Click on the tab in the new sub-menu labeled “Remove Registration”.

7. Click the trash can icon next to the name of the contact whose registration you are cancelling.

8. Press the “Confirm” button in the box that pops up to finish cancelling the registration.


Canceling Through the Impersonate Tool

1. Access the contact’s profile by entering their name in the bar labeled “Search Contacts” in the top toolbar, then clicking their name when it appears in the drop-down box.




2. On the contact detail page, click “Impersonate” in the left bar, and then “Continue” in the box that pops up.

3. You are now viewing the interface from the perspective of that contact. Click “Events” in the top toolbar, then “Event Calendar” in the menu that appears.

4. In the Event Calendar page, find the event by either looking for and clicking on its name in the list or finding it via the Calendar View option.

5. On the page for the event, click “Modify Registration”.

6. Click “Remove”, and then click the green “Confirm” button in the box that pops up.

Congratulations, you have successfully canceled an event registration!

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