How to Manage Membership Renewal Settings

Managing membership renewals is simple with Member365. Offering the ability to create different renewal processes for different membership categories, your first step is to:

Access the Membership Category

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Membership’ on the bar at the top of the screen.


2. Click ‘Category Setup’ in the dropdown.


3. Locate the Membership Category whose renewal settings you which to adjust, then click its name.


Manage Renewal Settings

4. From the Membership Category Settings screen, click the ‘Renewals’ tab.


5. There is a range of options allowing you to adjust renewal settings. Configure them as needed:

Renewal Description

The renewal description appears at the top of the renewal form for members of this membership category. This provides an overview of the membership category for the renewing member including special instructions or advice to the members before they complete the renewal form.


Member Portal Access Grace Period

If your members do not renew on by their renewal date, you can set how many days your members have to renew their membership before their access to the member portal and benefits expire and they must reapply for membership. Your members will still have membership privileges as a lapsed member during the grace period.


How many days after a member lapses will they have access to the member portal? 

If members should not have any access to the portal if they lapse, specify 0.  If you wish to extend their member benefits while in a lapsed state, specify the number of days.

Force members who are outside their grace period to renew when they login to the Member Portal?

When a lapsed member tries to login to the member portal, alert them their membership has expired and direct them to the renewal form.


Renewal Reminder Schedule


FUN FACT: It can take up to nine-times to reminder a person to do something before they remember to complete the requested task.




Advanced Renewal Rules

These are additional options to configure your renewal setting as needed.


How many times can this membership be renewed?

Using this option allows you to limit the number of times (or years) a member can renew into the membership category. if there is no limit to the number of the times (or years), select 'Unlimited' from the options available.


When does the “Lapsed” status get applied to members? 

Some organizations don't want their members to ever appear as lapsed. If this is the case select 'Never'. The typical setup is 'When the renewal date has passed.'


Do you collect fees for renewals that are more than one year overdue?

If the membership has lapsed for more than one membership cycle, select 'YES' to collect the fees for the missed cycle.

For example, if a membership lapsed three years prior, selecting yes will charge the member for the missing years when they renew their membership.


For Anniversary Membership Only, if you would like the member renewal date to always be the full membership period from the renewal date, select 'Last Renewal Date' from the options. 

For example, if the membership is a one year term, the renewal date for the next year will be 365 days from the date the renewal is completed.

Typically the 'Inception Date' is selected as it keeps the renewal date the same as the original inception date


How many days before the renewal date should the renewal badge appear on the Member Portal?

When the membership renewal period for this is near, a badge will appear in the member portal reminding the members to renew.  Set the number of days before the membership expiry date that the badge appears. 

It is recommended that the badge appears in the member portal on the same day of your first renewal reminder email for consistency.

Select 'Never' is the badge should not appear at all.


Do you want the member to have to re-apply into this membership if their current membership is Archived?

When on, the member must re-apply as a new member into the membership if their current membership will be able to renew into this membership when their current membership archived.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is recommended, to always turn this on so you can remarket to your archived members.


Please remembers to click 'Save Membership' to save your changes.



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