How to Delete Employee Accounts or Group Members from a Group Membership


This article will show you how to remove an Employee Account or a Group Member from an Organization’s Group Membership.

Administrators and Membership Managers can remove Contacts from a Group Membership in Member365.

If the Contact you wish to remove is the Primary Contact for the Organization’s Group Membership, you will need to assign Primary Contact to someone else before proceeding. Consult this Knowledge Base article for more information.


Method 1: An Administrator

The following steps will show you how to remove contacts from a Group Membership as an Administrator.

Accessing the Organization Record

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, hover over "Organizations," then click on "View Organizations."




2. You will see a list of the Organizations that populate your system. Locate the Organization you wish to view; use the search bar to filter the results if necessary.

Image showing an example of using the search bar to filter results in the Organization Management list.


3. Click the Organization’s name or the eye icon next to its name to view the Organization Record.

Image indicating the Organization Name, and the eye icon, which can both be clicked to view the Organization Record.



Delete the Employee Account

3. Click ‘Employee Accounts’ on the left of the Organization Record.

Image indicating the 'Employee Accounts' link on an Organization Record.


4. Find the Contact in the list, then click the trash icon next to their name or email to delete their Employee Account or Group Member.



IMPORTANT NOTE: Deleting an Employee Account or Group Member simply removes the Contact from the Group Membership. Their Contact Record and any data associated with them will remain in the system.


Method 2: Through the Impersonate Tool

The following steps use the Impersonate tool to replicate how a Membership Manager would remove the Group Membership contacts themselves.


Impersonating the Membership Manager

1. On the Organization Record, click on the "Role Management"  tab.



2. Select the membership category you want to check who is the Membership Manager by clicking on the "Select a Membership" Dropdown.



3. Then, you will see the Primary Contacts attached to the Group Membership you selected.  Select the Primary Contact of the membership you want to edit.



4. Click on the Name of the Contact that has the Membership Managers Role.  



5. From the Contact Record, click ‘Impersonate’ on the left side of the page.

Image indicating the 'Impersonate' link on a Contact Record.


Members without Portal Access do not have an ‘Impersonate’ link on their profile. If you cannot impersonate a member, it is because they do not have Member Portal Access. Consult this Knowledge Base article if you ever need to grant Portal Access to a member.


Deleting Employee Accounts

4. Now that you are Impersonating the member click ‘My Account’ on the bar at the top of the screen.

Image showing the 'My Account' button when Impersonating a member.


5. Click ‘Employee Accounts’ from the drop-down menu that appears.

Image showing the 'Employee Accounts' option from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking 'My Account' when Impersonating a member.


6. The following page will display any Group Memberships for which the member is a Primary Contact. In our example, we are Impersonating the Primary Contact for a membership named ‘Group Membership.’

Image displaying what the Primary Contact sees when clicking the 'Employee Accounts' button in the previous step. Memberships for which they are the Primary Contact will be displayed.


7. Locate the contact you wish to remove from the Group Membership, then click the trash icon next to their name or email.

Image showing what the Primary Contact sees when viewing the Employee Accounts for their Group Membership. They would click the trash icon next to the Contact they wish to delete to remove them from the Group Membership.


Deleting an Employee Account only ever removes that Contact from the Group Membership. Their Contact Record will be preserved, as will any other data associated with them in the system.

8. When you are done, click the ‘Back to CRM’ link at the very top of the screen to return to the Administrator Dashboard.

Image indicating the 'Back to CRM' link when Impersonating a member.

Congratulations, you can now remove Contacts from a Group Membership!

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