How to Determine or Change a Primary Contact


The Primary Contact of an Organization/Group Membership is responsible for enrolling into the membership contact on behalf of the group. They are the main point of contact at the member organization/group. They can assign roles to related contacts in the organization/group. This is the contact that will appear in the organization directory. Read this article to learn how to check or change an organization’s Primary Contact. 


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Only one contact can be assigned as the Primary Contact per Membership.  The primary is the owner.


Accessing the Organization/Group Record

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard. Hover over ‘Contacts‘ in the main menu, then hover over "Organization" and click "View Organization."



2. Locate the Organization whose Group Membership you are adding members to, then click its name. Use the search bar to filter results if necessary.



Checking the Primary Contact

3. Click ‘Role Management’ on the left of the page.



4. Select the membership category you want to check who is the Primary Contact by clicking on the "Select a Membership" Dropdown.



5. Then, you will see the Primary Contacts that are attached to the Group Membership you selected.  Select the Primary Contact you want to change.




Changing the Primary Contact

1.  Click "Edit Roles" next to the Primary Contact's name in the Options column.  



2. Uncheck the Primary option and click "Update."



3. In the pop-up, find the new Primary Contact from the "Search for Contact" dropdown. Then click "Update."


IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only assign a contact that is a Related Contact to the organization/group.




A Group Membership should only have one Primary Contact for each membership. Any other related contact that should be a member of the group should be added as an Employee Account.


Creating an Employee Account for the old Primary Contact

The old Primary Contact may still wish to be part of the Group Membership. To keep the old Primary Contact on board, you will need to add them as an Employee Account under the organization’s new Primary Contact.

This can be skipped if the old Primary Contact is no longer with the organization.


Congratulations, you can now check and re-assign the Primary Contact of an Organizational Group Membership!

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