How to Renew a Membership Manually

This article will show you how to renew a contact’s membership for them as an administrator.

Accessing the Contact Record

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, type the contact’s name or email address into the search bar at the top of the screen.  Click on the contact from the results to access their Contact Record.




Renewing the Membership

2. If the contact has a membership up for renewal, there will be a ‘Manual Renew’ button under the Membership Summary on the right of the page. Click the ‘Manual Renew’ button.

Image indicating the 'Manual Renew' button on the right of the Contact Record page.


If you do not see the ‘Manual Renew’ button, consult this Knowledge Base article to check whether you have allowed it to appear.

The button will also not be visible if you or the Contact already initiated the renewal process. If the above article does not help, you will need to ask your Contact to log in and complete their renewal or reach out to our Support Team.


3. You are now impersonating the contact. Ensure that the information is correct, and proceed through the renewal process as prompted.

Image of the manual renewal page. You are impersonating the contact.


4. Your contact’s membership will be renewed.

Image of a renewal confirmation screen.

Congratulations, you can now renew membership manually as an administrator!

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