SendGrid API Integration


This article is to help you integrate your SendGrid account with your Member365 account to send email communications through your personal account. 

If you want to be able to track emails more closely such as bounce rates and delivered tracking on all your email communications you may want your own personal SendGrid account. You can learn more about the SendGrid account options here:


Access Your SendGrid Account:

1. Log in to your SendGrid account:

2. On the left side menu, click on "Settings."


3. Under Settings, click on "API Keys."


4. On the API Keys page - click on the "Create API Key" in the top right corner.


5. Give your API Key a name (this is not important).

6. Under API Key Permissions - click on "Restricted Access."


7. For each option, click on "No Access" (should be set by default).


8. For the option "Send Mail," click on "Full Access."


9. Click on "Create and View" at the bottom.



10. You will be given your Secret API Password - this will only be shown ONCE. Please write this down, so you don't lose it. You will need this for the next step. If you lose it, you will have to delete the API key and restart it.



11. Login to your member365 instance - and navigate to <http://<your_domain>/crm/sendGridCredentials>


IMPORTANT NOTE: Your site may be a .com, .ca, .org, or have a vanity domain. Please make sure you use the domain you log in to for the admin (CRM) portal for your site. For example:


12 This page is where you will update your SendGrid credentials to make your SendGrid instance work with the newly updated API keys.

13. SMTP Mail Server Host =

14. SMTP Mail Server User Name = apikey

15. SMTP Mail Server Password =  {Your Secret API Password}



16. Click the "Save Credentials" button. Your SendGrid is now set up with the new API Key.


PLEASE send a test email through the system to ensure emails are sending and that the credentials are, in fact, working.


Activating Two-Factor Authenitication in SendGrid

Why should I use API Keys for authentication?


17. Finally, you must turn on 2FA Security for your account - this will usually be asked when you log into your SendGrid account. If it does not, you can turn this on by clicking on "Two Factor Authentication" under the Settings menu in SendGrid.

18. On the page, click on "Add Two Factor Authentication." You will go through setting it up - generally, this will be a VIA text message. But you may also set it up using the Authy app, which will generate a key for you at a fixed interval. Choose the solution that works for you.


19. PLEASE send a test email through the system to ensure emails are sending and that the credentials are, in fact, working.


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