How to Delete Abandoned Membership Applications or Renewals

Contacts will not always finish their Membership Applications or Renewals. Member365 allows you to review these abandoned applications, and delete them if necessary.


Reviewing Abandoned Applications or Renewals

1. When a contact abandons their Membership Application or Renewal, an alert will appear on the CRM dashboard.

You can access the abandoned application/renewal list from the Administrator Dashboard.

2. Look under the area titled ‘Alerts’. If you have contacts who abandoned their application or renewal partway through, the total number will be listed next to ‘Abandoned Membership Applications/Renewals’.



3. Click the ‘Abandoned Membership Applications/Renewals’ link to access the list of abandoned applications and renewals.


Deleting an Abandoned Membership Application or Renewal

4. Locate the contact whose abandoned application or renewal you wish to delete, using the search bar if necessary.



5. Click the trash icon next to the Membership Application or Renewal you wish to delete. When prompted, click ‘Confirm’. 

Image indicating the trash icon next to the abandoned application/renewal entry.


The application will be deactivated, and any accompanying invoice will be voided automatically. The alert will be removed as well.

Rest assured, deleting the application will not delete the Contact Record: only the application itself will be removed.

Image showing the confirmation message when deleting an abandoned application/renewal. "Please confirm you would like to remove this record from the report. Doing this will void any invoice associated with the application but will not delete the contact record."


Congratulations, you now know how to delete abandoned Membership Applications and Renewals!

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