What is a Primary Contact?

Primary Contacts in Member365 relate to Group Memberships. If you are not familiar with Group Memberships, consult this Knowledge Base article for context.

Only one Contact can be assigned as the Primary Contact per Group Membership on behalf of their organization, family, or team.


What does the Primary Contact do?

  • The Primary Contact is the user is the owner of the membership category on behalf of the group.
  • The Primary Contact is will first be automatically assigned the Billing and Membership Management roles when the application is filled out of an admin manually enrolls a contact to a Group Membership.
  • The Primary Contact is responsible for adding and removing contacts into the different management roles for their Group Membership.
  • The Primary Contact is the face of the membership as they will appear on the organization/group directory.


Primary Contact vs Employee Accounts or Group Members

You can think of an ‘Employee Account or Group Members’ as a basic group member. Read this Knowledge Base article for more information.  The Primary Contact is the representative on behalf of the group; the Employee Accounts or Group Members are the rest of the group members.


Can a Group Membership have more than one Primary Contact?

No. Each Primary Contact represents an entire Group Membership. Members are added underneath a Primary Contact.

You can think of the Primary Contact like a tree trunk, and the Employee Accounts as branches. It’s not possible for two Primary Contacts to exist on the same membership.


How do I know who the Primary Contact is for a group?

Determining the Primary Contact for a Group Membership is easy! Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how.


Can a Primary Contact be changed?

Yes! To learn how to change a Primary Contact, consult this Knowledge Base article.


Congratulations, you can now define what a Primary Contact is in Member365!

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