What are Employee Accounts or Group Members?


What is an Employee Account or Group Member?

All members of a Group Membership, except for its Primary Contact, are called ‘Employee Accounts or Group Members.’  

Never enroll more than one Related Contact into a Group Membership category if you only allow one membership for that membership category for an organization or group.  All but Primary Contact must be an Employee Account or Group Member, or you will encounter errors in reporting and renewals.

You can have multiple Primary Contacts with the same group membership category with different Employee Account or Group Members.  For example, If you have an organization, the has five departments that want to become members. Each department head would be the Primary Contact for the Group Membership. All Employees that wanted to be attached to the membership (receive Member Portal access) would have an Employee Account. 


How Do you Know a Contact has Employee Account or Group Member?

When on a Contact Record, go to the ‘Membership Subscription/Summary’ on the record's right side.  If there is no summary, then there is no membership on that record.  If there is a summary, look at the "Type" to see if the Contact has an Employee Account or Group Member or the Primary Contact. 


Image of a Contact Record showing the 'Membership/Subscription Summary', and where the 'Employee Account' specification would be.


How do I add an Employee Account?

Read this article to show you how, as an Administrator, you can add related contacts to a Group Membership. 


How do I remove an Employee Account?

When you wish to remove an Employee Account or Group Member from a Group Membership, you need to delete the Employee Account or Group Member associated with that membership. For more information, consult this Knowledge Base article.


Employee Accounts or Group Members are members of a Group Membership who have been granted access to the Member Portal by the Membership Manager.

A Related Contact is simply a contact whose ‘Organization Name’ matches the Organization.  Related Contacts can have an Employee Account or Group Members or be a Non-Members.

For more information, consult this Knowledge Base article.


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