How to Change the Membership Renewal Limit


This article will guide you through changing the number of times a given membership type can be renewed.


Accessing Membership Categories

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Membership’ on the bar at the top of the screen.



2. Click ‘Category Setup’ in the drop down.



3.  Find the membership category whose renewal limit you are looking to change, either by typing its name into the search bar or by locating it in the list, and click its name.


Accessing Renewal Settings

4. Click the ‘Renewal‘ tab.



5. Scroll Down to the Advanced Renewal Rules section.  In the 'How many times can this membership be renewed?' select the number of times a member can renew before enrolling in another membership, if it is not unlimited.



6. If the renewal limit is not unlimited, select the membership these members will be promoted to apply for once the renewal limit has been met.



7. Click 'Save Membership" to save your work.


Congratulations, you have edited the renewal limit for this membership category!

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