How To Configure Your Membership Approval Workflow

This article will show you how to customize the Approval Workflow for a Membership Category’s incoming Membership Applications and Renewals!

Each Membership Category has its own Approval Workflow. The order in which you charge fees, and grant portal access, must be specified in the settings of each Membership Category itself.

Accessing Membership Categories

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Membership’ on the bar at the top of the screen.


2. Click ‘Category Setup’ in the dropdown menu.


3. Locate the Membership Category whose approval you wish to enable.


Enable Membership Approval

4. From the Membership Category Overview tab, scroll down to the 'Workflow (Approval Process)' Section


Configure the Review Process

If you choose for this Membership Category to require approval, you can then customize the review and approval workflow.


When do you Collect Payment?

For every Membership Category that requires approval in Member365, you can choose when to charge its Membership Dues! There are two options: BEFORE the application is approved, or AFTER the application is approved.

Which to choose?

During the Application/Renewal Process – Applicants to this Membership Category pay when they apply. Once payment is received, their application can then be Approved or Denied by you as an administrator. If denied it will then need to be refunded.

After Approval is ConfirmMember365___Approval_Workflow_Collect_payment.pnged – Applicants to this Membership Category only pay if they are approved. Prospective Members who you deny will not be charged anything! This is the Pre-Approval workflow.

If you want to charge an Application Fee to all prospective Members, even if they’re denied, choose During the Application/Renewal Process.

If denied Members should not be charged anything, then choose After Approval is Confirmed.

Member Portal Access

If you want to grant prospective Members Portal Access right away – before they are officially approved – then you can configure that workflow as well!


Choose whether you want applicants to receive login details to the Member Portal once they pay their Membership Dues, or once their application has been approved.

Approve Renewals

Do you want to approve both Applications and Renewals using the workflow you’ve configured, or should only new incoming Applications be subject to review?


Approve Renewals

Toggled ON (Yes) – Membership Renewals will be subject to your approval workflow.

Toggled OFF (No) – Membership Renewals will not be subject to your approval workflow and will be approved automatically.

Save your Changes

To save the approval and review workflow for this Membership Category, click the ‘Save Membership’ button at the bottom of the screen to confirm everything you have configured.


Repeat the steps in this article for every Membership Category whose approval workflow you wish to configure!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Now that you have changed this setting when a new member application is submitted, it will be subject to review and approval before the applicant is provided access to their membership and member portal.

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