How to Archive a Membership

The quickest way to cancel a Contact’s membership in Member365 is through archiving. When you archive a Contact’s membership, any permissions, renewal dates, or benefits associated with that membership are canceled immediately: the contact is unenrolled right away.

The Contact’s membership data, however, will remain saved on the system. When you cancel a Contact’s membership, you can still unarchive it since the data is always maintained.

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, type the name or email address of the Contact whose membership you wish to archive in the search bar at the top of the page. Click the Contact’s entry from the results to access their Contact Record


2. The Contact’s Memberships will be listed on the right of the page under ‘Membership/Subscription Summary’. If applicable, click the tab of the membership you wish to archive.

Archive the Membership

3. Click ‘Show Actions’ at the bottom of the ‘Membership/Subscription Summary’ box for the membership you wish to archive.

Image indicating the 'Show Actions' link at the bottom of the 'Membership/Subscription Summary' box on a Contact Record.

4. The box will expand. Click the ‘Archive Membership’ button that appears.

Image indicating the 'Archive Membership' button under the 'Membership/Subscription Summary' box that appears after clicking the 'Show Actions' link.

5. Click ‘Confirm’ on the confirmation window that appears to archive the membership.

Image showing the confirmation window seen when clicking to archive a membership, and indicating the 'Confirm' button.


6. The membership will be archived! Compare the following screenshot to the one from earlier.

Image showing the same Contact Record from an earlier screenshot. Indicating that they are now only enrolled in one membership: 'Silver Membership'. Their 'TESTING' membership is no longer listed on their Contact Record.

You will notice that this Contact now only has one membership listed on their Contact Record. The membership named ‘TESTING’ has been archived successfully.

9. As mentioned earlier, the membership data will remain saved under this Contact’s ‘Membership (MMS)’ tab.

Image indicating the archived 'TESTING' membership under the 'Membership (MMS)' tab. We see the membership has been archived, and there is a button to unarchive it.

This membership has been canceled for the Contact in question, but since the data is saved you can unarchive the membership if you wish.


Congratulation, you now know how to archive a Contact’s membership!

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