How to Edit or Update Form Questions

This article will show you how to edit an existing Form in Member365

If you delete a Question from a Form, all previous responses to that question will also be deleted in the Form Analytics. Do not delete a Question from an existing Form unless you are okay with losing its data.

Accessing the Form

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Modules’ at the top of the screen.


2. Hover over ‘Forms’ on the drop-down menu, then click ‘Manage’ on the next drop-down menu that appears.


3. Locate the Form you wish to edit, then click its name.

Image showing a list of Forms, with an arrow pointing to a Form named 'Silver Membership'.

Editing the Form Questions


Deleting or editing preexisting questions will affect the data from previous submissions.

New questions can be added, but they will not be posed retroactively to previous respondents: only future submissions to the form will be asked a new question.

4. Depending on the type of Form, click the ‘Questions & Answers’ tab, then click the ‘Launch Form Question Editor’ button.

Image showing the 'Questions & Answers' tab when editing a Form, where the 'Launch Form Question Editor' button is found.


For some types of Forms, the ‘Launch Form Question Editor’ button will simply be under the ‘Setup’ tab. In these cases, you can locate the button by scrolling your page down.

How to add a new Question

To add a new question to your form, drag the Question Type down from the options at the top of the screen. We have an article that details the Form Question Editor if you need further clarification on this process.

Image showing the set of Question Options when building in the Form Question Editor.

Any new questions you add will be posed the next time someone responds to this Form.

How to update a Question’s Properties

You can update the Properties of an existing Question by clicking the ‘SETUP’ button on its right-hand side.

Image indicating the 'SETUP' button to the right of a sample Form Question.

Updating a Question’s Properties could entail changing whether or not it’s mandatory, showing it on directory listings, choosing whether or not it shows up on Renewal Applications, and much more.

We have a Knowledge Base article that covers Question Properties in full. Generally, it is safe to change the Properties of a Question without compromising data, as long as you don’t delete or edit the Question itself.

How to edit an existing question

Before editing an existing Form Question, be aware of the warning message that appears when you launch the Form Question Editor.

'This form is currently published and in use, any adjustments or deletions you make will affect the data that you have already collected using this form.' With the button below, saying 'I understand and I Wish to Continue'.

As with the Question Properties sub-header, click the ‘SETUP’ button to the right of the question you wish to edit. A window will appear in which you can edit the existing Question.

Image showing the window to manage an existing Form Question.

  • Edit the wording of the Question as it’s posed to respondents under the ‘Question’ tab. This will update your Form Analytics.
  • If needed, you can click ‘+ Add Answer’ to add an additional option for Multiple Choice or similar types of Questions.
  • You can Edit an Answer by clicking on it from the list. This will affect previous responses, and the labels will update in your Form Analytics!
  • You can Delete an Answer by clicking the trashcan icon to its right. Upon doing so, respondents who had selected this answer will have no data for this Question in your Form Analytics!

Remember to click ‘Save Question’ to confirm your changes.

In our example...

If we renamed our Question “A or B” to read as something else, then future respondents would see the updated wording. The Question’s Label on the Form Analytics would also update to the new name.

If we renamed answer “A” to read as “1”, then the Form Analytics for previous submissions would update. Everyone who had previously selected “A” would be listed as having answered “1” instead.

If we deleted answer “A” completely, then the Form Analytics for previous submissions would update. Everyone who had previously selected “A” would be listed to have skipped the question entirely: i.e. their data for that question would be lost. 

Always be careful when you are editing an existing Form Question!

How to delete an existing question

To delete an existing question, click the trashcan icon on its right-hand side.

Image indicating the trashcan icon to the right of a sample Form Question.


Always remember that when you delete a Form Question, all previous data in your Form Analytics for that question will be deleted as well.

If you ever click the trashcan icon by mistake, you can exit the Form Question editor without saving your changes by clicking the ‘Cancel’ button at the top of the screen.

Image indicating the 'Cancel' button at the top of the Form Question Editor screen.

Confirming your Changes

To confirm your changes, remember to save the updated Form Questions by clicking the ‘Save’ button at the top of the screen.

Image indicating the 'Save' button at the top of the Form Question Editor page.

You also need to click ‘Publish’ to re-save the Form itself after you exit the Question Editor, to confirm and save all of your changes!

Image showing the 'Publish' button at the bottom of the screen when editing a Form.


Congratulations, you now know how to edit an existing Form, and what you should consider before doing so!

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