How do I Change the Automated Membership Emails?

Please Note:  Remember that no changes to your Membership Category will save until you click the ‘Save Membership’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Your members will typically receive automated Welcome Emails upon signing up for a Membership Category. Where are these emails located in the system? Can you change them as an Administrator? Continue reading to find out!

This article will not cover Renewal Reminders. To learn how to schedule and configure your Membership Category’s Renewal Reminder emails, consult this Knowledge Base article.

Accessing the Membership Category

Automated membership emails are edited through the configuration page for their corresponding Membership Category.

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Membership’ on the bar at the top of the screen.


2. Click ‘Category Setup’ on the submenu on the left side of the page that follows.


3. Locate the Membership Category whose emails you wish to edit, using the search bar if necessary, then click its name.


Editing the Automated Email Messages

The automated Membership Emails will be located under the ‘Automated Emails’ tab in the submenu on the left side of your Membership Category.

Accessing the Automated Emails Tab


The ‘Automated Emails’ tab is the fifth tab in the screenshot example above, but the number indicated for you will vary depending on your Membership Category setup.

This article will cover the ‘New Application Emails’‘Renewal Emails’, and ‘Launch and Welcome Emails’ sub-tabs.


For an overview of the ‘Reminders’ sub-tab, consult this Knowledge Base article.

Editing an Email

Click the name of any email to edit it.


A window will open, in which you can edit the contents and subject line of the email in question.



Lastly, remember to always click the ‘Save Updated Email’ button at the bottom of the window to confirm any changes you make.


The ‘Status’ toggle under Status on the Automated Emails tab determines whether or not this automated email will be sent to members. An email toggled OFF to not send. An email toggled ON to send.


You also need to click ‘Save Membership’ at the bottom of the edit page for the Membership Category if you want any of these changes to go live.

Types of Automated Emails

As mentioned earlier, this article will cover the ‘New Application Emails’, ‘Renewal Emails’, and ‘Launch and Welcome Emails’. Each of those three email types serves its own purpose.

Always remember that an email whose ‘Status’ toggle is OFF will not send. That should be your first option to check if you are having delivery issues with your Membership Emails.

New Application Emails

You will want to edit your Application Emails if you wish to change the messages your members receive upon signing up for a membership. These are typically the emails letting your members know they have been approved or thanking them for applying for the membership.


The emails in the New Application Emails section will vary depending on your Membership Category set up. We will still cover what each email shown is responsible for:

Submission Confirmation – If toggled ON, this email will send automatically to any Contact who has submitted a Membership Application for the Membership Category in question. Perfect for letting your members know their application has gone through successfully.

Application Approved – If toggled ON, this email will send automatically when a Contact’s Membership Application has been approved, whether immediately by the system, or approved manually by an administrator.

Application Denied – If toggled ON, your system will send automated emails letting your Contacts know if their Membership Application has been denied.

Application Pre-Approved – If toggled ON, your system will send automated emails letting your Contacts know that their Application has been pre-Approved, even though they still need to pay.

NOTE: If you configured your Workflow (Approval Process) to pre-approve Membership Applications by collecting payment After Approval,  ‘Application Pre-Approved’ will appear in the New Application Emails list.



Always remember that you can edit the contents and subject line for any and all of these email templates!

Renewal Emails

Even though there is a Renewal Emails section under Automated Emails, remember that your Renewal Reminders are actually managed under the ‘Renewals’ sub-tab. Our Knowledge Base article on the Reminders sub-tab can be found here.


With the above said, we still go over each of the emails in the screenshot above.

Renewal Application Accepted – If toggled ON, this is the automated email sent to members whose renewal applications have gone through and been approved successfully.

Renewal Approved – If toggled ON, this email will send automatically to Contacts when you approve their renewal application.

Renewal Declined – If toggled ON, this email will send automatically to Contacts when you decline their renewal application.

Renewal Reminder – This is simply your template for creating a Renewal Reminder. This message isn’t actually sent; the text in the ‘Renewal Reminder’ email is the default text seen when creating a new Renewal Reminder under the ‘Renewals’ sub-tab. For more information on the Renewals sub-tab, consult this Knowledge Base article


NOTE:  If you configured your Workflow (Approval Process) to Approve Renewals, the 'Renewal Approved' and the 'Renewal Declined' emails will appear in the Renewal Email sections.



 Always remember that you can edit the contents and subject line for any and all of these email templates!

Launch Emails

The templates under the Launch Emails sub-tab typically deal with log-in credentials, passwords, and links to the Member Portal. You don’t normally need to touch these emails, unless you want to add something specific as part of the Member Portal welcome message.


Launch Email – This email sends only once when you take your site live. You only need to worry about this template during your onboarding phase: it sends login credentials and a link to the Member Portal to all existing members when you launch your Member365 site!

Welcome Email – This is the template for the email your members receive upon being granted Member Portal access. To change the message they see when receiving their login credentials, edit this template.

Employee Welcome Email With Member Portal Access – If you are working with a Group Membership, this is the template of the email sent to Employee Accounts when they are granted Portal Access. As with the ‘Welcome Email’, you can edit this one too.

Confirm your Changes

Always remember that any email template you change will not save unless you click the ‘Save Membership’ button on the bottom of the screen.


Click ‘Save Membership’ to make the changes to your Membership Category’s automated emails live.

Congratulations, you now know where to edit the automated membership emails!

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