How to track Group Members

What Group Membership does a Contact belong to?

Who else are the Members of this Contact’s Group Membership?

The steps to answer both of those questions will follow below! If you are unfamiliar with Group Memberships in Member365, consult this Knowledge Base article first.

What Group does this Member Belong to?

If you are looking at someone’s Contact Record and they are listed as an ‘Employee Account’, that means they are a part of a Group Membership.

In Member365, each Group Membership has a corresponding ‘Member Organization’ field that ties to its Primary Contact.


Employee Account holders do not need to belong to the same Organization as their Primary Contact.

The Membership Summary of an Employee Account holder does, however, match the Organization of the Group’s Primary Contact.

Image showing a sample Contact Record. Under 'Membership/Subscription Summary' the Member is an Employee Account under a Group Membership with 'XYZ Organization'. The Contact's own Organization, however, is 'Pixelera Inc.' which is unrelated to the Group Membership.

In our example, this sample Contact is a Group Member for ‘XYZ Organization’. As we can see, anyone can be added to any Group Membership regardless of their personal ‘Organization Name’ field.

In other words...

Look for the ‘Member Organization’ field under ‘Membership/Subscription Summary’ on the right-hand side of the Contact Record to determine which Group Membership an Employee Account belongs to!

Click on the name of the Member Organization to view its details, and its other Group Members.

After clicking on the Member Organization field, click ‘Related Contacts’ on the left-hand side of the page. Look for the Membership Category name, and look for the Contact whose name has a green check-mark symbol in its column.

Image looking at the 'Related Contacts' for XYZ Organization. We see John Smith has a green check-mark beside their name, indicating they are the Primary Contact.

We now know that our sample Contact is a Group Member with ‘XYZ Organization’, and that this Group Membership is managed by ‘John Smith’!

Who are the Members of this Group?

If you are looking at someone’s Contact Record, and if they belong to a Group Membership but are not an Employee Account, then you are looking at a Primary Contact.

Primary Contacts are responsible for managing a Group Membership on behalf of its Members.

Image showing the Contact Record of 'John Smith' of XYZ Organization, showing that they have an Active Group Membership.

If we compare this screenshot with the first image above, we will notice that John Smith also has a ‘Group Membership’ record.

Notice that the Status here is listed as ‘Active’, but there is no ‘Member Organization’ field nor an Employee Account ‘Type’ designation. This is because we are looking at the Contact Record of a Group’s Primary Contact.

To see who else belongs to this Primary Contact’s Group, click ‘Organization’ on the left-hand side of their Contact Record.

Image indicating the 'Organization' button on the left-hand side of a Contact Record.

You can then view a list of Group Members (‘Employee Accounts’) managed by this Contact by clicking the ‘Employee Accounts’ button on the left-hand side of the page that follows!

Image showing a sample 'Employee Accounts' list for XYZ Organization. We have 22 seats in use, which lists the members of the group.

Congratulations, you now know how to determine which Group an Employee Account belongs to, and you know how to find the list of Employee Accounts for a given Group!

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