How to Update Your Organization’s Logo

This article will guide you through updating the logo that appears on your emails and invoices — though the logo you add here is distinct from the one that will appear in your Member Portal.

Accessing Your Organization Profile

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. In the upper-right, click ‘Configuration‘.


3. In the section marked ‘Organization Profile’, click ‘Setup‘.

4. Next to ‘Organizational Logo’, click ‘Manage‘.

5. The current logo used by your organization will show up in the area we’ve marked with a blue box.

Click ‘Upload Logo‘ to continue.

Logo Formatting Tips

For best results, the image you upload should be in .png format, and should be no more than 200 pixels tall by 200 pixels wide. Make sure that any blank space has been made transparent instead of being coloured white outright.

Ideal Logo Types

If you’ve got multiple types of logo (emblems, wordmarks, etc.), we recommend using logos that are meaningful and legible when condensed into a small space, instead of ones that contain your entire organization name in a wide format.

6. In the window that pops up, click ‘Choose File‘ and navigate to the file’s location on your computer. After selecting it, click ‘Save changes‘.

No further confirmation is necessary; your logo will be updated automatically upon clicking ‘Save changes‘.

Where will your Organization Logo Display?

The Organization Logo will display on the emails, invoices, and receipts sent to your Contacts.

Invoices & Receipts

Your Organization Logo will display at the top of the Invoices and Receipts issued to members.

Image indicating where the Organization Logo would display using an example Invoice.

If you upload a huge logo, the invoice details will get pushed farther down the page. The screenshot above should help to illustrate why the size guidelines are important to follow.

If you change your Organization Logo, all invoices and receipts will update in the system accordingly. If a member were to download an old receipt from their Member Portal, it would have the new Organization Logo at the top.

System Emails

Your Organization Logo will also display as the header and footer on system emails you send to contacts through Member365. Examples would include Membership Application confirmation, payment confirmation, and more.

Image showing an example system email, and where the Organization Logo will display - at the top and bottom of the email.

The screenshot above indicates the two places where your Organization Logo will display in system emails.

Congratulations, you have updated your organization’s logo!

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