How To Give an Administrator Membership Status

This article will step you through the process of applying Membership Status to an Administrator.

1. From the Administrator Dashboard, use the contact search bar to navigate to the contact record of the administrator you wish to apply for membership status.


Apply Membership Status To Your Administrator

2. In the Contact Record, navigate to ‘Membership Enrollment‘ at the bottom right of the page.


3. A small drop-down menu will appear. Click ‘+Enrol Now‘.

4. Select a Membership Category, and click ‘+Enrol‘.


It is best to select a membership category that is not will not trigger an approval process. If you do not have one, consider creating one by following this guide. 

5. A small green dialoge will open in your current window. Click the ‘Click Here’ link to continue.

Confirm Membership Status

6. To confirm the Membership Status of your Administrator, refer to the ‘Membership/Subscription Summary’ box on the top-righthand side of the Contact Record.


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