How to Share a Video in a Workspace

You can share files in your Member365 Workspaces by using the File Library.

Videos are handled differently, and you cannot upload video files directly as mp4 file types are not supported. You can still embed videos that are hosted externally, and share them in your Workspaces with Members! Continue reading to learn how.

Accessing Your Workspace

1. Log into your Member365 Member Portal; Workspaces are not configured on the CRM side.

Read the note on accessing the Member Portal here if this step is unclear, then return to this article.

2. Click ‘Administration’ at the top of the screen.

Image indicating the 'Administration' button when logged in to the Member Portal as an Administrator.

3. Locate the Workspace where you wish to share a video, then click its ‘Edit’ button.

Image showing the 'Administration' page. The list of Workspaces is highlighted, as is the Edit button for the one we will be modifying.

Sharing a Video

The best way to share a video in your Workspace is by embedding it into the Workspace Description.

Image showing an example Workspace where a video has been embedded into its description.

4. Copy the Embed Code for the video you wish to share. We have Knowledge Base articles that detail how you can retrieve Embed Codes from YouTube, or from Vimeo.

5. Click the ‘Source’ button above the text area to convert its contents to HTML.

Image indicating the 'Source' button when editing a Workspace Description.

6. Paste the HTML Embed Code you copied in Step 4.

Image showing the video's Embed Code pasted after we changed the text area to 'Source'

If you are experienced with HTML, you can play around with the embed code.

For example, you can resize the video by editing the width and height fields.

7. Click ‘Save & Return’ at the bottom of the screen to confirm your changes.

Image showing the 'Save & Return' button when editing a Workspace.


Congratulations, you can now share videos with your Members through Workspaces!

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