What is the Contact Delete Report?

You can delete a Contact Record in Member365.

When a Contact Record is deleted, it is sent to the ‘Contact Trashcan’: officially named the ‘Contact Delete Report’.

What is in the Contact Trashcan?

The Contact Trashcan holds an entry for every Contact Record that you have deleted. In other words, when you delete a Contact Record, it is sent to the Contact Trashcan. Since these records are still on the database, we refer to them as ‘Soft-Deleted Contacts’.

Image showing a sample Contact Trashcan entry.

The deletion date is listed, as is the administrator’s name who deleted the Contact.


How do I access the Contact Trashcan?

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Contacts’ at the top of the screen.



2.  Then click "Reports" on the left side menu, and click on the "Contact Delete Report."


Image indicating 'Contact Delete Report' from the list of reports.


How do I manage the Contact Trashcan?

A Soft-Deleted Contact can be restored at any time: you can remove it from the Trashcan and bring back the Contact Record as if it was never deleted. You can also permanently delete a Soft-Deleted Contact, to remove it from the database completely.

Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how to restore a Contact from the Trashcan.

Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn how to permanently delete a Contact Record.


Are Contacts in the Trashcan still Contacts?

If a Contact is in the Trashcan, its information is still on the Database and can be restored at any time. In all other ways, the Contact has been deleted from your system.

You cannot find Soft-Deleted Contacts anywhere but the Trashcan. Their Memberships will be canceled, as will their place be on your mailing lists and anything else they had been using their Contact Record for.

IMPORTANT NOTEThe email address of a Soft-Deleted Contact is still valid, however. Before sending a Contact to the Trashcan, ensure that its email will not be used moving forward! Continue reading here to learn more.

Congratulations, you now know what the Contact Trashcan is used for, how to access it, and how to use it to manage your deletions!

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