What are Related Contacts?

The purpose of Related Contacts is a common inquiry we receive at Member365, If you are seeking to understand Related Contacts, or if you just need some clarification, this article should answer your questions!

Every Organization in Member365 has a ‘Related Contacts’ list. Most Contacts have an Organization specified in their profile. The ‘Related Contacts’ list for an Organization is a list of all Contacts whose ‘Organization Name’ field matches the Organization in question.

To check a Contact’s Organization, follow the steps for Editing a Contact Record, and look at the first editable field.

Image showing the 'Organization Name' field on the 'Edit Contact' page.

Check for misspelled Organization Names. That is the most common reason why someone might be missing from an Organization’s Related Contacts list.


1. Access the Organization Record of the Organization whose Related Contacts you wish to view.

2. If the Organization has a Group Membership, there will be a ‘Related Contacts’ link on the left of the page.

Image indicating the 'Related Contacts' link on an Organization Record.

For more information on the Related Contacts page for an Organization, consult this Knowledge Base article.


3. If the Organization does not have a Group Membership, its Related Contacts will still be listed on the ‘Organization’ page. Scroll down to the ‘Related Contacts’ sub-header to view the list.

Image of the 'Related Contacts' list on the 'Organization' page of an Organization Record.

Not necessarily. An Organization’s Related Contacts list simply pulls every contact whose profile matches the ‘Organization Name’ field. Any type of member can be a Related Contact, even Non-Members. The only criterion to determine a Related Contact is the ‘Organization Name’ field in the Contact Record.


Employee Accounts are associated with Group Memberships. Contacts who are added to a Group Membership by its Primary Contact are designated as Employee Accounts. The difference is that the Related Contacts list is unrelated to Membership. For more information, continue reading here. 


Adding or removing a Related Contact from an Organization’s Related Contact list can be done by editing the Contact Record of the Contact you wish to add or remove.

Change their ‘Organization Name’ field to match the Organization if you want to add them as a Related Contact. Change their ‘Organization Name’ field to anything else if you want to remove them as a Related Contact.

Image showing the 'Organization Name' field on the 'Edit Contact' page.


Congratulations, you now know about Related Contacts!

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