When are Automated Tasks processed in Member365?

Several modules in Member365 allow for automated tasks to be processed by the system. As an Administrator, you can schedule a task to occur on a specific date. But when are these tasks actually carried out? Continue reading to find out!

What time are tasks processed?

As a general rule, our system processes its scheduled automated tasks at 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time on the date specified.

When are Email Campaigns sent?

When you schedule an Email Campaign to deliver on a specific day, the eblast will send to your list around 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time of that day.

Since scheduled eblasts are delivered around 3:00 AM EST, you typically need to choose the ‘Immediately’ option if you wish to send an Email Campaign on the same day it was created.

For example, suppose you drafted an eblast around noon on December 10th and scheduled it to send on December 10th. The Email Campaign would never send. Member365 processes its automated tasks around 3:00 AM Eastern the day-of, so in this hypothetical example you would be scheduling an event to occur in the past.

So again, if you wish to schedule eblasts for same-day delivery, you either need to use the ‘Immediately’ option, or schedule it to send on the next day.

When are ARB Membership Dues processed?

If you are unfamiliar with ARB, consult this Knowledge Base article.

Automated Recurring Billing renews Opted-In memberships automatically. As with most automated tasks in Member365, the renewal and billing will be processed around 3:00 AM Eastern on the date specified.

As such, a member enrolled in ARB whose membership is set to renew on December 10th will be billed and renewed on December 10th. The renewal is day-of, and not day-before.

General Expectations of Scheduled Tasks

This article covers two examples, but keep 3:00 AM Eastern Standard Time in mind when scheduling your automated tasks in Member365. It is best to assume that any scheduled action will be processed around that time on the date specified if you are unsure. Other examples may include, but not limited to, Renewal Reminder emails, Dunning Reminders, Workspace Notifications, etc.

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