How to Access Website Integration Code for Your Signup From

You can embed Signup Forms on other websites by copying and pasting its HTML source code. Read this article to learn where that code is located.

On Creation

The HTML code will be displayed in a pop-up window any time you create a Signup Form.

1. Follow the steps in this Knowledge Base article to create a Signup Form.

2. After you click ‘Create Sign-Up Form’ at the end of the tutorial in Step 1, a pop-up window will appear with the Signup Form’s HTML code. Copy and paste the contents to embed the Signup Form on a website.

Pop-up window with the HTML code to copy and paste.

After Creation

If you did not save the HTML code when creating a Signup Form, you can still access it at any time.

1. From the Member365 Administrator Dashboard, click ‘Email Campaigns’ at the top of the page.


2. Click ‘Manage’ in the ‘Sign-up Forms’ box.

Click 'Manage' in the 'Sign-up Forms' box.

3. Locate the Signup Form you want to embed from the chart. In the ‘Options’ column for your desired Signup Form, click the cloud icon.

Click the cloud icon in the 'Options' column of the Signup Form you want to embed.

4. Copy and paste the contents in the resulting pop-up window to embed your Signup Form on other websites.

Copy and paste the HTML code from the pop-up window to embed the Signup Form on your website.

Congratulations, you can now embed your Signup Forms on other websites!

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