How to Create a List of Users With a Specific Tag

This article will guide you through creating a list of users who share a specific tag.

Creating a List

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Lists‘.


3. Click ‘Create a Custom List‘ to create a list. To configure an existing one, click its name, or the pencil icon next to its name.

If you are configuring an existing list, the other icons may prove useful: the five icons allow you to either export the list as a spreadsheet, edit it, tag the users in it, send the contact list in an email, or delete the list, in that order.

4. Enter a name for your list, select who can access it, and click ‘Continue‘.

Filtering Members by Tag

5. In the list of filters, click ‘Tags‘. For now, ignore our highlight on the ‘Save List‘ button, but note that you will need to use it at the end of this process.

6. In the window that pops up, click the type of tag you would like to organize by. If you do not know what category your tag belongs to, try clicking one of the links to look for it; this window will remain open until you make a final tag selection in step 7, so you may easily return to it if you do not find your tag.

7. Once you have found the desired tag or tags, fill the checkbox next to its name and then click ‘Save‘. This will reduce your list to users who share this tag.

8. Add any other required filters to the list, and then click ‘Save List‘.

Congratulations, you have created a list of users sharing a common tag!

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