What Do the Red Exclamation Marks Next to Contact Names in the Contact List Mean and How Do I Get Rid of Them?

This article explains the red exclamation mark icons that may appear next to names in the contact list, as well as how to remove them.

What They Mean

The red icon with an exclamation mark (!) indicates that the contact record for that person was recently created and has not been verified. For example, when a new contact that doesn’t exist in the database applies for membership, registers for an event, or purchases a product in your store, a contact record is created for them automatically.  The exclamation mark indicates that this is a new contact that has been entered, but hasn’t been verified as a legitimate contact that you want to keep in the database.  

How to Remove Them

1. Click the name of the contact that has the red icon next to their name.

2. Locate the “Verify” button in the bottom-left corner of the contact record and click it in order to remove the icon.

3.  The red exclamation point will now be removed!

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