How Members Submit Inquiries

This article will guide you through the process that members use to submit inquiries via the Inquiry feature, in order to allow you to provide guidance to any member who asks but also so that you understand how the settings you choose affect the member’s experience.

Accessing the Inquiries Tool

1. Log in to the Member Portal.

2. In the upper-right, click ‘Inquiries‘.

Submitting an Inquiry

3. Click either the indicated link or the indicated button to open a new window where you can submit an inquiry.

4. In the new window, select an inquiry type from the drop-down menu, enter the details of your inquiry into the text box, and click ‘Submit Inquiry‘. The categories in the drop-down menu are created by administrators according to the procedure documented in this Knowledge Base article.

5. Your inquiry will now appear in a list of all the inquiries you have submitted; you may review it by clicking its name, or search through your submitted inquiries using the Inquiry History box to the right.

Congratulations, you have submitted an inquiry!

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