What Are Inquiries?

The Inquiries feature in the Member365 interface is a means of streamlining communications with your members by providing them tools to easily submit, access and reply to concerns and issues related to their membership. It’s a great way to organize and provide feedback, and being able to review inquiries quickly and efficiently means replying to them quickly, so this feature will only improve your members’ experience!


Streamline Your Feedback Process

Offering your users a channel separate from email means both you and your members have access to a customizable hotline free from other kinds of communication.

Categorize Feedback

Administrators can create categories for user inquiries, and members can designate their inquiries as belonging to any of these categories, which means that your support staff can prioritize your inquiries more efficiently.

Save and Apply Standard Messages

You can create standard form messages that will be sent in response to particular categories of inquiry, which makes sure that your members feel listened to while you’re busy searching for an answer!

Access Feedback Quickly

Encouraging members to use this feature means that when you want to find out what you can do for your members, you’ll only have one place to look.

Built-In Record Keeping

The Inquiries system holds onto records of inquiries even after they’ve been resolved. Using this feature means all past feedback (and any solutions that might have worked for others!) is in easy reach whenever you receive a new inquiry.

Getting Started

We hope the Inquiries feature helps you communicate with your members and keep their experience a smooth one. To learn how to use this feature, click here to access our Getting Started Guide.

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