What is the Learning Management System?

The Learning Management System (often referred to as the LMS) is a powerful part of the Member365 interface that allows you to create custom online courses that your users can sign up for and take through the Member Portal. This feature allows you to create and offer lessons, tutorials, skill testing, professional certification and more!

Perfect for Professional Organizations

You can restrict access to specific membership categories based on the results of LMS courses, so if you need to certify your members’ expertise or qualifications before they can join a particular kind of membership, the LMS is a great way to do it.

Offer Paid Courses

You can feature courses as items in your organization’s online store, which is a great way to supplement your revenue stream!

Get Course Reports and Other Analytics

Member365 makes it easy to compile and export reports on the courses you offer. As well, users’ participation in LMS courses counts as activity seen by our analytics system, so you’ll be even better equipped to keep them engaged in the future.

To begin using the Learning Management System, take a look at our Getting Started guide.

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