How to Create a List of Organization Names with No Duplicates

This article will guide you through creating a list of organizations while omitting any duplicate names.

Creating a List

1. Log in to your Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. On the top bar, click ‘Lists‘.


3. Click ‘Create a Custom List‘.

4. Enter a name for your list and click ‘Continue‘.

5. In the list of filters, click ‘Organizations‘.

6. In the window that appears, click ‘Organization Names‘.

7. In the next window that appears, click ‘Check All‘ and then ‘Save‘.

8. On the filters page, click ‘Export to Excel‘.

9. In the window that pops up, select ‘Organization Name‘ at minimum; you may also find it useful to select the address fields at the bottom, and can add any other information to the spreadsheet that you desire. Click ‘Download‘ to save this data to your computer as an Excel spreadsheet.

Filtering Organization Names

10. In the spreadsheet, select all of the cells that contain data.

11. In Excel’s ‘Data‘ tab, you should find a function called ‘Remove Duplicates‘. If you do not find it, consult the help files in your version of Excel to find the equivalent function.

12. When the Excel wizard asks you which column to refer to for duplicates, select the ‘Organization Name‘ column.

Congratulations, you have created a list of organization names without including duplicates!

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