Getting Started: Inquiries

Member365’s Inquiries module is designed to help you provide your members with access to the critical information they need to solve their problems. To do so effectively, it’s important that you configure your Inquiries module to the needs of your organization. Here’s how:


Create Inquiry Subjects

Creating Inquiry subjects is the first step to configure your Inquiries module. Each category allows Members to classify their issues according to the Subjects you configure, helping you keep them in order and process them efficiently.

How to Create Inquiry Subjects 

Manage Standard Inquiry Responses

Standard response emails automate much of the time-consuming work of managing member inquiries. When Inquiries are opened and closed, Member365 will automatically send out the standard responses you have configured. Manage the content of your standard responses to get the most out of your Inquiries module:

How to Create or Edit Standard Responses to Open Inquiries

Configure Email Notifications

If you would like to receive email notifications when Members submit inquiries, Member365 will allow you to do so. You can enable this function by following the guide below.

How to Create or Edit Standard Responses to Open Inquiries

Learn to Review Inquiries

With everything set up, it’s important to understand how to review and respond to Member inquiries once your module is enabled. The guide below will show you how:

Reviewing and Responding to Inquiries

Enable the Inquiries Module

With your Inquiries module configured, it’s time to enable it! Doing so is an easy process:

How to Disable or Enable the Inquiry Feature 

Get Started!

Once enabled, it’s only a matter of time before your Members start sending inquiries. If you’d like to help them do so, you can teach them how by sharing the article below:

How Members Submit Inquiries

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