How to configure Administrator Provided Membership Fees

When a Contact applies for Membership or when an existing Member renews, they are prompted to pay a Membership Fee.

This article will show you how to charge each applicant a custom amount for their Membership Dues!


The Administrator Provided Fee Structure if meant for Membership Categories that follow the Pre-Approval Workflow only.

Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn more about Pre-Approving Membership Applications.

Do not use the Administrator Provided Fee Structure on a Membership Category that doesn’t pre-approve applications as it will not work.

Configure the Approval Workflow

As started in the warning above, you Membership Category must require approval if you want to use the ‘Administrator Provided’ Fee Structure.

1. Consult this Knowledge Base article to locate your Membership Category, and to configure applications to require approval.

Image showing the 'Requires Approval' toggle is ON for a sample Membership Category under its 'Configuration' tab and 'Membership' sub-tab.

2. Consult this Knowledge Base article to learn about the ‘Workflow’ tab. You must choose to Collect Payment ‘After Approval’ for this membership type to function correctly.

Image showing the 'Workflow' tab of a sample Membership Category, and indicating that we're collecting payment After Approval.

3. Since we are using Administrator Provided Membership fees, you will want to ‘Approve Renewals’ as well.

Image showing the Workflow tab of a sample Membership Category. The 'Approve Renewals' toggle is ON.

Administrator Provided Fees

Now that we have configured our Membership Category for pre-approval, we can enable Administrator Provided Membership Fees.


You must follow the steps in the first sub-header above.

If your Membership Category is not configured for pre-approval, then do not use the Administrator Provided Fee Structure.

4. Click the ‘Fees’ tab.

5. Choose ‘Administrator Provided’ from the list of Fee Formats. The rest of the Fees tab can be configured however you like! Consult this Knowledge Base article if any settings are unclear.

Image showing the 'Fees' tab of a sample Membership Category, indicating that we're using the 'Administrator Provided' Fee Format.


Even though we are using Administrator Provided Fees, you still need to enter values for the ‘Application Fee’ and ‘Renewal’ fee.

These will serve as the base values for when you are administering fees, as you will see in the final sub-header of this article.

6. Remember to click ‘Publish’ at the bottom of the screen to confirm your changes.

Image showing the 'Publish' button at the bottom of the screen when editing a Membership Category.

Administering Custom Fees

Now that we have configured a Membership Category to use Administrator Provided Fees, let’s go over how you will assign these custom fees to your applicants!

7. When a Contact submits their Membership Application, you will receive an alert on your dashboard for ‘Applications Pending Review’.

Image showing a sample dashboard with 'Applications Pending Review' alerts.

8. Click the alert, then locate the application you wish to review from the list. On the application’s right-hand side, click the button labeled ‘Review’.

Image indicating the 'Review' button when viewing the list of applications pending review.

9. On this following page, the Membership Fee can be edited! The base value you entered in Step 5 will be there by default, but change the number to anything you would like then click ‘Save’.

Image showing the 'Membership (MMS)' tab, where we see the opportunity to edit the Fee a Membership Application. The 'Pre-Approve' button is also indicated.

Upon clicking ‘Pre-Approve’, your applicant will be issued their Membership Invoice, equalling the amount that you specified in the ‘Fee: $’ field.

Congratulations, you now know how and when to use the ‘Administrator Provided’ Fee Structure!

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