How to Create a Fee Category

This article will describe how to create a fee category for a specific membership category.

Selecting the Membership Category

1. Login to the Member365 admin dashboard.

2. From the bar at the top of the dashboard, click on 'Membership'.

3. Click on 'Category Setup'.


4. Click the name of the membership category to which you would like to add fee categories.



Adding Fee Categories

5. Click the 'Fees, Payment Methods, Taxes' tab.


6. On the Application and Renewal fees, click on Category Dropdown.


7. In the menu that appears, the field 'Question Label' is what will appear to members when they are selecting their fee category. For instance, if you are giving members the option to pay for 6-month, 12-month or 24-month memberships, enter something similar to “Choice of Membership Duration”.


8. Click '+Add' to access a menu where you can enter the name of each fee category, the fee for first applying for the membership, and the fee for renewing the membership. You will have to repeat this process for each category. The image below shows what the page might look like for a user who has chosen the options described in step 7.


Checking the Application

9. In order to see the public-facing application form and ensure that your new fee categories are being offered there, return to the Membership Categories page in the same way you did in steps 2 to 4: click 'Membership' on the top bar, then click  'Category Setup'.

10. In the list of membership categories, find the membership category to which you have added fee categories, and click the three dots on the far right and click on Application Form Link.




11. A box titled 'Public Registration Link' will appear. Copy the public link provided (which you can do easily by clicking the “Copy Link to Clipboard” button) and paste it into a private browser window in order to view the form. Advancing through this form will let you see the effects of your work and make sure that the new fee categories are displayed. They will appear in a drop-down box that is marked with the title you chose in step 7.



Congratulations, you have added fee categories to this membership category’s application form!

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