How to Add Administrator Permissions to a Contact

This tutorial will teach you how to provide and manage Member365 administrator privileges to any one of your existing contacts.

In order to add aministrator the contact must already be in Member365. If they do not exist in your database, please follow the instructions here:  create a new contact

Then you can come back and reference this article to assign admin permissions. 


1. Log into your Member365 administrator account.

2. From the Admin Dashboard, hover over the ‘Contacts’ in the main menu and click on 'View contacts.'



3. This screen will present a list of all your contacts. You can use the search bar, or scroll through the list, to find and click the contact you wish to convert to an administrator.

If you don’t see your contact in this list, you’ll have to create it by clicking the green ‘Create Contact’ button.

5. Clicking this contact will bring you to their details and settings. From the side-bar on the left side of the page, click ‘Permissions’



6. On the ‘Permissions’ screen, you’ll find a small checkbox next to the word ‘Administrator’. Click it.



7. After clicking this box, an extensive list of sub-settings will dropdown. Checking these will allow you to specify which administrative privileges you wish to grant to your contact. Choose these at your discretion.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is best practice for only two members of your team to have full Manage Administrator Permissions to grants access to the CRM and Modules.



8. After you’ve chosen which administrator privileges you wish to grant your contact, click ‘Save‘ at the bottom of the page!

9. Then you will receive a pop-up window that will show the email that will be sent to the new administrator with their log - in credentials. Select "Give Access and Give Admin Welcome Email"




Then you will be receive a green prompt letting you know the welcome email has been sent. 




Important Note

If the contact already has access to the member portal, no email will be sent to them. Please notify the new admin directly.



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