How to Delete Workspace Categories

This article will guide you through removing the categories used to organize your Workspaces.

Accessing Workspace Settings

1. Log in to the Member365 Administrator Dashboard.

2. Delete everything after “.com/” in the URL in order to access the Member Portal.

3. Click on ‘Administration‘ in the top-right corner.



Deleting a Workspace Category

5. Click the ‘Delete‘ button next to the category or sub-category you would like to remove.


6. The contents of the window that appear will vary based on whether there are currently any workspaces in the category you are seeking to delete. The first of the following images is the appearance when there is nothing in the category, and the second is what you will see when there is at least one workspace in it.




7. To delete a category with no contents, simply click the ‘Delete‘ button.

8. To delete a category with workspaces in it, you may either click ‘Relocate‘ to move the workspace to another category, or click ‘Delete‘ to permanently delete the category and the workspace.


Category Deletion

Deleting a workspace category without relocating its contents will delete all of its contents and settings. Relocating the contents is strongly advised unless you are extremely confident in your decision.


9. If you wish to keep the contents of the category, clicking ‘Relocate‘ will bring up the following window:


10. Click the ‘Relocate‘ next to a category name to move the contents to that category. If you wish to move the contents to a sub-category within another top-level category, click the icon indicated by the red arrow to expand the adjacent top-level category and display its sub-categories:



11. Upon clicking the ‘Relocate‘ button, the category will be deleted and its contents will be moved to the new category.


What happens when no other categories exist?

If there are no categories besides the one that you are deleting, clicking ‘Relocate’ in step 8 will produce an error. Refresh the page afterward to avoid this error causing further complications.


Congratulations, you have deleted a workspace category!


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