Membership Status: Active, Lapsed and Archived

Contacts can be enrolled into Membership Categories, after which point we refer to them as Members.

Associated privileges are then granted: Portal Access, member pricing on Event Tickets, and more.

What is Membership Status?

If a Contact is enrolled in a Membership Category, their Membership Status will be in one of three states: Active, Archived, or Lapsed.

Image showing the 'Membership/Subscription Summary' on someone's Contact Record denoting an example of an Active Membership.

The Status of a Contact’s Membership denotes how it can be renewed, what access the Contact will have, and whether or not they have paid their dues.

Active Membership

A Membership that is Active has been paid in full, and renewed or approved successfully. Contacts do not need to renew an Active Membership until its next – if any – Renewal Date.

A Contact with an Active Membership can enjoy all the privileges that come along with it: access to the Member Portal, member pricing on Event Tickets, a spot on the active mailing list, and anything else you choose to configure.

Lapsed Membership

A Membership that is Lapsed was not paid or renewed successfully on its previous Renewal Date. Active Memberships become Lapsed when the payment or renewal deadline is missed.

Lapsed Memberships do not grant the same privileges as Active Memberships: a Contact whose Memberships have Lapsed will be locked out of the Member Portal unless they are still within their Grace Period. Contacts need to renew in order to regain their Active Membership.

You can force Contacts to renew their Lapsed Memberships upon accessing the Member Portal by toggling the ‘Force renewal on login?’ option in your Membership Category’s settings.

Image indicating the 'Force Renewal on Login' toggle.

If the ‘Force Renewal on login?’ toggle is OFF, then Portal Login access will be removed for Lapsed Memberships outside the Grace Period.

Image showing the what a fully Lapsed Member would see if they try logging into the Member Portal. A message informing them: "You do not currently have any active memberships."

If a Contact is enrolled only into Lapsed Memberships with that toggle turned off, they will need to either contact an administrator or click a Renewal Reminder from their email before they’re able to renew and log back in.

Archived Membership

A Membership that is Archived cannot be renewed. Archived Memberships do not grant any of the Active Member privileges either.

If the ‘Re-apply for Membership?’ toggle in your Membership’s Settings is ON, then Archived Members can submit new Membership Applications entirely if they wish to re-enroll into the Membership Category.

Image showing the 'Re-apply for Membership?' toggle in the Membership Category settings.

If the ‘Re-apply for Membership?’ toggle is OFF, then Contacts who have Archived Memberships need to reach out, and ask an administrator to Unarchive their Membership Manually.

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