How to Upload a File to a Workspace

This article will guide you through uploading a file to a workspace.

Accessing a Workspace

1. In the Member Portal, click ‘Workspaces‘ on the top bar.

2. Click the arrow next to a workspace category to expand the category, then click the name of the workspace.

Uploading a File

3. Click the ‘Upload File‘ button.

4. In the window that pops up, click the ‘Choose Files‘ button to select files from your computer. To upload multiple files, hold the Ctrl key as you click on any selections beyond the first; if they are all in a row with no gaps, click the file at one end, hold the Shift key and click the other end of the list to select everything between the two.

5. Select a category from the drop-down list; if necessary, use the ‘Add‘ button to create a new one.

6. Click ‘Upload Files‘.

Congratulations, you have uploaded a file to this workspace!

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