What is the Fundraiser Module?

Member365’s Fundraiser module is a convenient set of tools offering everything you need to create, manage, and drive the success of fundraisers for your organization. Our module takes hassle out of fundraising, and drives the success of your campaigns by integrating data and functionality from tools across Member365.

Everything You Need, in One Place

At their most basic, Fundraisers require promotion and payments. When managing these basic needs is a struggle, your work is about helping your fundraiser survive. When this work is effortless, you can focus on making it thrive.

Consolidate Contacts and Communications

Member365 turns your most time-consuming tasks into the click of a few buttons by eliminating the need to manage and share data across multiple platforms. Drawing from your contact list, our powerful email campaign and list-building tools make creating and deploying fundraising campaigns across email and social media effortless.

Drive Donations, Save Money

Member365 offers comprehensive financial configuration options that makes payment processing easy for donors, and allows your organization to reconcile data with accounting software.

Make donating easy by offering more payment options to donors with Member365’s cash, check, and credit-card support. Drive donations with Automated Recurring Billing. Track and process invoices with Member365’s financial management tools. Export transaction data at the click of a button!

Enhance Insight with Analytics

On top of everything you need to manage your fundraisers, Member365 offers a full suite of analytics tools to track donor engagement and help you find opportunities to help your campaigns thrive. At a glance, see where donations are coming from, when they’re coming in, who’s sending them, and more to draw the insights you need to drive campaign success.

Get Started Fundraising

Interested in seeing what Member365’s fundraiser module can do for you? Check out our Getting Started: Fundraiser guide to have your first fundraiser up-and-running in under an hour.

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