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Your Membership Category has been set up: suppose you now have members, and you are looking to pull some reports. It is easy to track your Membership Statistics in Member365.

The Reporting capabilities of Member365 allow you to track all of your members: you can break these reports down by Status, Membership Category, and much more.


When you click the ‘Membership’ button at the top of your CRM, you will be taken to your Membership Reports right away! Upon clicking each report, you can filter its results by Membership Category and by other criteria depending on what kind of report you are pulling.


Member365 also provides an Export to Excel button on each report so that you can download its contents for your records in a single click.



Reports by Status

The most basic and easily-accessible reports in Member365 are the reports by Membership Status. The four main groups to be reported on are Active Members, Lapsed Members, Archived Members, and Non-Members.


Each report will display all members in your system of that status, and you can filter results by Membership Category.


Active Members

An Active Membership has been paid in full. Those whose Memberships are Active do not need to renew until their next - if any - renewal date. Active Members enjoy all privileges associated with membership, like access to the portal and member prices on event tickets.


Lapsed Members

Active Memberships become Lapsed when the payment or renewal deadline is missed. Those whose Memberships are Lapsed are locked out of the member portal unless they are within their Grace Period.


Archived Members

An Archived Membership is effectively cancelled, but the record stays intact for reporting purposes. Those whose Memberships are Archived cannot renew: they must re-apply as new members.

Memberships usually become Archived when Lapsed members fail to renew within their Grace Period.



A Non-Member Contact is a record that exists in your system for someone who never had a Membership. For example, someone who registered for one of your events but never applied for membership.



You can choose to include Lapsed and Archived members on your Non-Member report.

To learn more about Membership Status, consult this Knowledge Base article for a more in-depth overview of what Active, Archived, and Lapsed means in Member365!

Members Requiring Attention

As an administrator, there are three reports you will want to monitor closely: Applications Pending Review, Renewals Pending Review, and your Lapsed Members.



Applications Pending Review

Pull a list of prospective members whose New Applications still need to be approved. This report is only relevant if you have Membership Categories that follow an Approval Workflow.

You can filter results by Payment Status and by Membership Category.



Renewals Pending Review

Pull a list of members whose Renewal Applications still need to be approved. This report is only relevant if you have Membership Categories that follow an Approval Workflow, and if you approve renewals.

You can filter results by Payment Status and by Membership Category.


Lapsed Memberships

The Lapsed Membership report is useful if you would like to reach out via email to members who have Lapsed, and remind them to renew their memberships.

You can filter by Membership Category, and by the Lapse Date



Membership Details

Some contacts may hold a Membership in more than one category. The Active Membership Report, Denied Membership Report, and Archived Membership Report will help you keep track and make sense of your statistics.



Active Membership Report

This is similar to the Active Member Report from earlier, but more concerned with your Membership Data than the members themselves.

In other words, this report lists all active Memberships, not all active Members: if someone has two Memberships they would show up in this Active Membership Report twice, but only once in the Active Member Report.

You can filter the Active Membership Report by the Membership Category, the Member Since Date, and by the next Renewal Date.



Denied Membership Report

Pull the history of all Membership Applications that have been Denied. If someone has been denied for more than one Membership, they will show up in this report more than once.

The Denied Membership Report is only relevant if you have a Membership Approval Workflow.


Archived Memberships

This is similar to the Archived Member report from earlier, but more concerned with your Membership Data than the members themselves.

Any Archived Membership will populate this report. If someone has two Archived Memberships, they would show up in this report twice. If an Active Member has an old Archived Membership, they will populate this report as well even though their overall status is Active.

You can filter your results by Membership Category and by the Date Archived.



Recent & Upcoming Activity

Beyond the raw Membership Statistics, you can also pull reports of New Members, of Recently Renewed Members, and of Upcoming Renewals.

New Memberships

The New Memberships report will list everyone who was granted a New Membership Enrollment in the last thirty days*.


Recent Renewals

You can also pull a report of everyone that has renewed their membership. Filter by Membership Category, and specify a Date Range for the renewals that you wish to track.



Upcoming Renewals

The Upcoming Renewals Report will list all members whose next Renewal Date falls within the date range that you specify.

Filter by Membership Category, and provide a Date Range. Choose whether you are pulling members who renew Manually, members who are enrolled in Automated Recurring Billing (ARB), or all upcoming renewals regardless.


Additional Membership Reports

There are another handful of Membership Reports at your disposal in Member365. This guide will discuss each brief, beyond the main reports that we have covered already.


Group Membership Accounts

All Membership Reports we have seen thus far will only pull the Primary Contact of a Group Membership. To generate a list of all Group Members - i.e. Employee Accounts - use the Group Membership Accounts report.


Extended Fields

The responses to all Membership Forms you attach to your application and renewal processes are pulled using the Extended Fields Report. Export this report to Excel to view a breakdown of all Membership Form responses.


Leave Report

When viewing a Members’ Contact Record, you can mark them ‘On Leave’ manually as an administrator. Any Member that has been marked ‘On Leave’ will populate the Leave Report.


Member Count

Use the Member Count Report to generate a statistical breakdown of your Memberships, by the numbers!


Upon specifying your filters, the Member Count Report will generate a numerical breakdown of everyone who matches your criteria -- for example, the Member Count Report could tell us how many Canadian Members were active on January 1st, 2019.    


Pre-Approved Members

If you have Membership Categories that follow a Pre-Approval Workflow, the Pre-Approved Members report will be relevant for you.


The Pre-Approved Members Report will list all Members who have applied to categories that require pre-approval. From this report, you can resend the Pre-Approval Confirmation Email to prospective Members, if necessary.

Profile Updates

You can specify a Date Range and pull a list of everyone who has edited their contact information during that time.

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