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Usually occuring during onboarding, there can be an issue where there is no Non-Member options for Event tickets. When editing a ticket, there is no where to give availability to Non-Members, and no options when going to register.


• Access to the Database (MySQL Workbench)
• Access to client’s instance (CRM)


  1. Login to Client’s instance using an administrator account.
  2. Add a “Non-Member” Member Category under Organization Records. This is where the Event tickets are pulling the option from. This can be done via:
    CRM > Options – Configuration > Organization Records – Setup > Member Categories – Add > input “Non-Member” for English / French > Save Changes
    Note: there will most likely be no existing Member Categories.
  3. From the Database, find the appropriate schema (i.e.: amplify_oavt).
  4. Locate the ‘crm_organizationgroups’ table.
  5. For the organizationGroupID that matches your “Non-Member” category (this may be the only row), set “isDefault” to 1.
  6. Apply changes.



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