What is Domain Authentication?  


Domain authentication is a method of verifying that an email message was actually sent by the domain it claims to be from. It involves adding specific records to your domain's DNS settings.  These settings provide information about which email servers are authorized to send email on behalf of your domain. When you use a third-party tool, like Member365, to send email from your domain, your email may be sent through a different email server than your usual provider, making it harder for email receivers to verify the authenticity of the message.


By authenticating your email records via DNS, you can help prevent your emails from being flagged as spam or phishing attempts, which can damage your domain's reputation and decrease the chances of your emails being delivered. It also helps ensure that your emails are delivered to the intended recipients and not filtered out by email providers' spam filters.


Overall, authenticating your email records via DNS is an important step to take to protect your domain's reputation and ensure the deliverability of your email messages.

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